yesterday was a nice st. patty's day. i wore green...i still do. nothing exciting like drunken parades or pinching vcrs. ha. instead, i climbed. only sounds of cold wind fingering faces, carefully placed footsteps, and internal heavy breathing. four hundred twenty five feet into the sky, surrounded by a sea of green trees and cliffs of sullen gray clouds. solitary fifteen foot boulders appearing like fists raised among the crowd. hidden caves, shelter from the everpresent chill. primitive.
spring break isn't exactly what i wanted it to be. i tried carpe diem. but i was lonely. everyone is coming back today and school starts tuesday. there is a fly trapped behind the blinds and the window.
a mocha sounds so good right now and if it weren't for the remaining drips of drizzle, i'd go for a run. down to the drag and past every car and person lining the road like ants. it'd be like the rock with caffeine reward and whipped cream, sprinkled with cinnamon lovin'. damn sounds so good to my lazy arse.
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