i'm watching reruns of pbs kids shows all alone in the house. when i get pissed off and i'm driving, i feel like ramming into the car in front of me or driving off a cliff. i don't why but it does sound like a problem solver. does that seem semi-suicidal? it isn't meant to be.
i hate when i have to explain bad news to like, thirty people. same story, same feelings, different faces.
we took my daddy to the paramount to see indiana jones and the raiders of the lost arc on the big screen for father's day. harrison ford can ford me any time. anyway...there is this cute guy that sells popcorn at the theater and i wish he was my friend. the pool is calling me for a play date this week. yeee haw.
i remember how a lot of friend's parents thought i was a slut or something because i was having sex with my then boyfriend. but i wasn't. they just thought i was. i don't even carry myself like that. well i guess i do have the sex voice down pretty good but it's not like i use it anyone's father.