proof that there are creeps out there on the internet. stay safe, kiddos:
(note: we had just basically done the whole hello thing and then...)
parkerfly2020: so you want to come over tonight
greenkiss: what? why do you ask that?
parkerfly2020: why not
greenkiss: well i guess you don't know me for one thing. how do i know you're not a stalker of some sort?
parkerfly2020: that's why u can come over and find out
greenkiss: b/c i've got plans tonight anyway
parkerfly2020: so, change them
greenkiss: i can't, i have to baby sit so i can get some money
parkerfly2020: come over after u'r done
greenkiss: what do you want?
parkerfly2020: what do u mean
greenkiss: i mean, yuo talk to me out of the blue and ask me to come to your house of all places, i dunno. i'm a pretty smart girl and i know that's not safe
parkerfly2020: well we can meet somewhere and if you determine i'm safe then we can come over to my house
parkerfly2020: all night long?
greenkiss: till like 10 and i stayed out till 3 yesterday , so i'm tired
parkerfly2020: that's ok
parkerfly2020: we can sleep together
later still...
parkerfly2020: why are you getting mad at me
jesus..i haven't blocked him yet, but i figure you guys would get a kick out of me being harassed.