IAmBlackElvis: uh, me too, totally
greenkiss: uh? what is this uh?
IAmBlackElvis: its like
IAmBlackElvis: "uh, that goes without saying"
greenkiss: hahahahahaha
IAmBlackElvis: can ya dig it?
greenkiss: yes i can
IAmBlackElvis: ok good
IAmBlackElvis: haha no i wasnt like "uh you're freakin me out"
greenkiss: that's a tribe song right?
IAmBlackElvis: theres mad different methods to the way i do my shit, you see
IAmBlackElvis: yes, yes it is
greenkiss: what shit?
IAmBlackElvis: i was quoting method man
IAmBlackElvis: i dont know what i'm talking about