is it just me or are beanie weinies the funniest human concept?
cristinky's b-day was on thursday and we roasted hot dogs while dancing like mad fools to music. natasha and ben and i danced like ravers (which we can't do) to some crazy ass techno beats but then we decided interpretive dancing to the police's roxanne was more fun. but it all came down to the booty. cheesecake, snatch and booty dancing.
yesterday, i purchased a pair of white socks out of a vending machine. i felt dorky but the cause was good. we went bowling for ali..miss seventeen as of last night. to make the game a tad more fun (as if bowling can't not be fun to begin with) we played around with our names while the victim was bowling...queef queen, nsync towel girl, cellphone bsb groupie, african essence, aaron carter luvs me, screech, danny tanner, bootylicious ho...you'd figure we'd get a little bit of a whoopin' from management but we never did. i got a strike on my first time up but i followed it up with some zeros. oh well. a little girl of about three was bowling with her parents next to us. she'd jump around when she knocked some pins down and it was cute. but not as cute as ali having her tongue down doug's throat or doug grabbing ali's ass...riiiight. it was actually really gross. but i guess i still love them, they didn't have to buy socks like i did so i shouldn't say anything b/c i was the nerdier of the group.
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