i've been singing all day...i don't care if i'm out of tune or if my voice cracks or if i don't even really know the words b/c i am happy. or at least i was...really happy.
but now i feel shitty...probably a conversation about jessi, talking to johnny, my eyes hurting, missing an email, and not getting my damn shirt have collectively caused my problem. but i'll blame it on the shirt. i found the perfect "blouse" (that's what they told me to bring) for my senior picture...after two and a half hours at the damn mall, i found the shirt...a sexy pink ribbed polo. and it was twenty-nine fifty, nine fifty over budget...so i didn't use my mom's credit card b/c i figured she'd get p.o.'d for spending too much. i put it on hold and came home and then my mom starts bitching at me for not getting it because now she has to spend the time to pick it up. and now the mall is closed and she hasn't gotten it...which is worse off than it was. my picture is tomorrow and i have to leave early from my fucking scheduled events to pick it up and then race back home to get all ready and then get lost in the bofunks to get my fucking picture taken.
i'll just blame it all on the shirt. the fact that i'm not happy like i was. which was more than i've been in a long ass time. maybe i should start cussing at home to make things easier.