i've spent the day being boring. i woke up, went to band (yes band), ate lunch, took a bath, and cleaned house after taking a nap. my room looks as if a bomb exploded and a million pieces fell onto my floor. i guess it's true that things get worse before they get better. i can't seem to throw anything away...notes from seventh grade, school papers from freshman year, a broken metronome and a pom pom from a rival school all find haven in the corners of my room. it's hard to change when i carry so much from the past around with me. i've tried to be simple but it's gets hard when things get complicated. now that maria, our exchange student, is here my mother finally caved in to buy some furniture that i have been in need of greatly. so along with my fancy new shelves, i've acquired a foot high by four feet long pile of stuff i don't know what to do with. i'm sure all of these forgotten memories will rest in the new home of a trashcan or in another person's possesion. but it's strange to think that when i go to college, most of everything will be stripped bare.
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