a tribute:
touches soft with golden love and coy side glances coupled with a smile...
so dangerous to be near you as i play with your fingers
handsome still in the streetlight as i kiss lips that will never be forgotten
so this is what it's like to feel tragedy
touching the skin of someone like you
i can smell you in my clothes
and remember your soft strength holding me
our kiss loiters on my lips
no words came to console
when the engine started
(taking me farther away from you)
except for "you are beautiful"
it's the little things i'll hold close. the beer resting on your knee during the truman show. knowing i'd never dismiss you. playing devo as your plane took off this morning (as if in one of those movies where the plane leaves and the girl is at home, remembering). the belt buckle. sun lotion on the hillside. your sexy back. the seventh inning stretch. your smile. watching you in front at emo's...wanting to have you play boyfriend on the street. laughing hysterically at pervy jokes. and sitting so close.
something you'll never forget: ben folds: the luckiest