damn, i had the feeling all day that it was the fifth but lo and behold...it is not.
that boy keeps passing me by with a smile that screams, "i'm only doing this because i have to." is it true? thinking positively versus negatively blurring into a questionable truth...too closed are the paths of communications for word of his mouth. i don't know, i don't know, i don't know.
senior career day is coming and i'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to put true desires or to put something down where i can jack around for a day.
we filed into the texas museum yesterday...four fun filled hours off texan history and pride...a tribute in jewels on a spankin' new cadillac, a glass bottle with metal casing spelling out "holy water", pottery, and something to spin so you can smell what oil smells like. american by birth, texan by the grace of god. yee fuckin' haw!
i'm happy for you, baquatic. if anyone deserves one, you do.
currently spinning jessica simpson: irresistable (shut up)