so much to do, probably enough time to accomplish the evening's goals but...i know myself well enough to say that it won't happen.
about twenty two hours ago, benji, maria and i stepped into an elevator ascending to austin city limits. while we rode upwards, i handed ben something to stick in his bag.
"i'm not your servant, woman."
"he hasn't learned that yet."
some random woman turned to me and exclaimed this.
anyway, we saw brad paisley (i had never heard of him.) so if you want to hear us screaming, tune to your local pbs station in a couple of months when it airs.
we walked into the rain from the dry lit concrete. under streetlights and past stopped cars and closed shops. phone located within the metro, a smoky fog. dial and cheat the system. next door, college boys compete for dance dance revolution glory but outside the dreariness shines with headlights and electric signs.
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