i ran around on a busy intersection, standing still while cars sped past. i picked up a lucky penny, worn and scratched, from the center of the first lane made of black asphalt.
we raised money for those who work hard. the rain did not stop our collection. apple cider warmed my tummy. and as cliche as it sounds, the giving warmed my heart.
stink called me from tahoe, and we talked about shoes for half an hour. which to an outsider seems stupid, but we had a good time even though she's states away.
i don't know what to do because it all builds up inside me. the affections missed and the day dreams of reading and gently kissing are in abundance. half the time, i can't fully understand what i'm missing so a reality of illusions manifests within me. strange thoughts keep me up at night as i wish on plastic stars and pray to whomever i think may be listening.
currently spinning: weezer: (cover of) velouria