damion and i on the interstate with the windows rolled down and traffic moving slowly. what a rockstar. i smile when you sing along softly, like i'm not supposed to hear you or maybe you're in private damion land. and you probably are. i liked meeting mom. rocks near the river are cold solid on our arses. holding hands by the water that reflects the overhanging trees and partially clouded sky. the sun peeks out and brightens your face. baby, if sonic isn't sexy i don't know what is.
it's the imperfections that make something perfect.
jimmy ate the world last night. and the kiddos busted out their lighters and i laughed. for me, this is heaven. sweetness the best with green lit figures contrasting with magenta lit hands.
and gabe from midtown touched my retainer!!!!! oh my godzzz!!! (gabe is ben's buddy). if i had been one of those people, that ask to take a way overexposed flash pictures of rockstar around the shoulder and wants their cd and maybe their chest signed , i could have fainted.
baby, your pussy be like a now and later. i know i want some now, but i don't want none of dat later if youz get pregnant or some shit.
i am genius.
mint and rosehips tea with honey. red and steamy like our love, baby. queso queso and potatoes. oh dinner at midnight on vinyl booths. an all night diner.
currently spinning: neutral milk hotel: in an aeroplane over the sea