fried chicken and malt liquor. gettin' a little surly for tash's eighteenth. watching johnny dance in his own world, making me smile as the fan spins around and ludacris "rolls out", the bass pulsing the ground beneath us. i <3 this lady. we talked about my boobies and read cheesy albeit interesting loss of virginity fiction from porno mags. the sparklers spell out the bursts of flames and cackle of fizzy sparks in green and yellow. kicking back on colored sheets laughing about dumb things.
lunch by the lake, spoiled by the lovely weather and yummy tummy food. we take evan's altima, the altima. sweet lord are we lucky for that ride. a man named bear with giant earlobes pierced tash's tongue as we stood by and watched. smelled of sterilization and you could see her body trembling. but she's hardcore, nonetheless.
work sucks, but that's not news. i spiced it up a little tonight. many of you missed my lovely trash bag gown which became a skirt. prancing around creating billows. and something about driving in a car listening to god awful britney spears and the manager doing a duet. slave for you my ass...try hooker for the masses.
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