damion and i sat on rocks yesterday under the texas sun talking philospophically. at least i think it was philosophical. sun exposure to brain. nests of daddy long legs huddled in shady crevices and a snake slithering into the bush. the sun makes our bodies soft and humid and warm to the touch. skipping rocks and looking at roly pollies and fuzzy caterpillars. i like it with you.
moving to the rhythm of drums and guitars. we danced to beulah at the mercury. and benny smiled and i saw him sing. golden trumpet reflecting onto the paradise backdrop of palm trees. here there floats an island. smiles and melting into the floor. the room was crimson in lighting with sighing wooden floorboards. i don't know about god, but i believe in you. johnny's hot for teacher. it's a tornado of good music, swirling with the sunshine and the moonlight, the surf, the shade and a picnic basket.
the moon shines blonde and hazy, drowning in a foggy sky dripping with humidity.