i wonder how many people i annoy. i wonder how many i annoy on a daily basis. like give us our day our daily bread.
the gray sky yesterday caused green leaves to bloom into a jungle of swirl in the wind. dark rain soaked trunks and branches, slick water concrete we paddle upon in one ton boats of steel. it rained horizontally while i waited inside. the aftermath of suck storms leave eerily calm dripping plants groaning to move and flourish. roots and feet meld into the wet damp coffee bean soil that is pungent with freshness and musk.
i make mistakes and i worry too much over ken's donuts and stolen orange juice. i am easily melted into the stained bed covers watching like a wallflower the argument spawned by tequila anger. and johnny flails about above us. i don't know i don't know. i listen without music.
sad and empty and it's temporary like most things, i know.