i walked outside today and heard nothing but birds. it was strange in an urban sense to hear no cars, but merely the nature sounds of outdoor animals.
damion and i were outdoors yesterday. at the park and five mile. god, it was gorgeous. i like to be near the water and the trees with hanging branches. it was nice to lie fresh and under sheets with the window open and the blinds pulled up when i was next to you. colorful tubes drifting down th eriver with people passengers squealing loudly or tilting faces towards the sun copying flowers as they wake at dawn. i like to hold your hand.
i wish we had someone to call "the dude" like in the big lebowski.
it was quite the rawkus affair last night. boobie touching over dinner and exhausting rounds of dance dance revolution.it was hard to hear the beat over the shooting and kicking and racing of other games, but what can you do? i drove them around late at night, under the bridge and onto the other side of the city. the side we rarely see as the people we are. it's nice to mix it up. it's nice to fade into something else. donuts are good before you go to bed.
matty k and mahassen and i saw star wars after a soup and sandwich lunch at jason's. i was a little disappointed that no one was dressed as obi-wan or yoda. the best moments like that include a man listening to his star wars cd and another one calling a friend on his ceel phone while we waited in line stating, "yeah, i'm in line for star wars again..." and we were like, "again?" padua was beautiful. it's hard to believe there are such places as that on earth. with a lush green one could drown in and cool water spawning violet flowers and golden sunsets.
matt and i went for cookies afterwards. chocolate oatmeal cookies from underneath the counter. harvest bread company smelled of yeast and flour warm in the oven and soft butter.
i'm all teary from being around to many people. a lot is overwhelming right now.
little momo, the neighborhood refugee kitty, meows like a car horn. he's black and fuzzy and does not purr. i think his purring machine is out of order. he's funny when he chases the moths that come through the busted up screen door at daddy's. lying on laps and sleeping on pillows. and he hisses when we try to make him go home.
i'm drawing pipes for water to flow in on old business cards. they twist and turn and loop until there is a fresh flow of paper water.