when we opened our eyes the world turned blue. our skin was pale and heated in the sun. herbalizer flowed beats out of a speaker and into ears. i slid into the pool and the water came up to my belly button. i stood on tip toes to keep the few inches of bare stomach free of cool water, but then prepared to succumb.
words of congratulations and hugs from family friends, an umbrella and a gift card. but when i spoke to him upstairs about her, it made me smile. danny catterson, you'll find her someday.
ben and i kept our eyes to the small screen filming classic film of our faces and shadows and the moon in slow moving black and white. gentle and grainy, lulled by the face of a small girl. or thick and jumping like the gesticulations of amy's ice cream man.
creamy white mexican vanilla shake froths bubbles and slurps up into the straw the acts as a pipe to the tongue. sweet as it hits the tastebuds and curls in ripples down the throat.
we laughed our asses off at glenn's house last night b/c the kid is a genius. i like to watch kids on film lick the window and drink lattes and laugh like horses.
i continue to unbutton the men's striped work shirt that keeps my skin from glow of one light. exposed pale and round with two buttons to go. blue hugs the lower half of my abdomen giving way to legs that cross at the ankles. belly exposed with hope of releasing heat into the cooler night.