i went to camp ben with damion and we climbed around and he told me stories. stories from damion make me smile. the water babbled over rocks and under fallen logs. and everything was covered by the shade of wise old trees towering above with branches stretching out green leaves. white rocks for us to walk on and dusty dust to drive on.
when i was on campus earlier this week i saw my very first street preacher. hands out his fingers reached out in psalms and his hair curled and stretched like electric wires with every proud erratic enunciated word.
ben via interesting/informative textual message regarding korea (a teacher's dream essays).
i like being difficult. i slept like a baby last night after pacing in the garage making random comments and toughening up my fingers by rubbing them on grip tape. ahh hot orange and blue...my favorite colors.
i just made popcorn. it is poppy and hot. when i opened the bag the steam hurt my thumb.