chocolate hazelnut cake, two rootbeers in brown bottles and water in a brown styrofoam cup. rolling over laughing and intensely studying red stickers, scraps of papers and written letters. everything lit up by colored lights that magnify the gleaming eyes and smiles.
bouncing to beats by blackalicious. alphabet aerobics. it's too hot. but we're rubbing up on one another and laughing at the hands thrown in the air.
matty with fries. and i'm swiping them from ben adjacent and dipping them into cream gravy. and sharing cinnamon chocolate shake with stinky. two straws and deep longing gazes into two beautiful eyes. ahaha.
we came by late last night to drop off a package of pictures glued to graph paper and crayon drawings, a letter written in black pen and pictures of dr. doom. and you opened the door and we were taken aback. ahh fine asian ass. johnny and i looked at your pictures and listened to your stories. and i smiled.
someone calling for keith and ended up with santa claus. yes, i babysit elves and i'd like to know if you want to play another game, b/c we've both been naughty this year. prank calls are the best when you hand them off to your "manager" who yells "santa mother fuckin' claus?!"
singing softly to ourselves.
the kitties are playing in the kitchen.