dirty t and i revved the engine to zztop and the extended version of safety dance as we headed through the heart of texas for a mini roadtrip to podunk town, hunt, to pick up l'il tina. we passed cows, bison and longhorns in fenced in fields. comparing asphalt and looking out for highway signs as the sky grows darker with rain. a little bob dylan, some sunshine club and random sputterings of stories passing time. tractors and roadside peach stands and rows of wildflowers. eighty miles an hour sipping on minute maid orange soda.
we pass mock stonehenge and easter island statues in a field with a trailer. almost immediately after, we reach camp waldemar. this is where the rich people send their kids. this is also where cristina shacks up in a shed as a counselor. the trip back is shorter and the branches of highway trees drip further over the roads. singing along to the toadies and laughing our asses off. a little side trip to a dairy queen for ice cream and french fries. dairy queens grow like weeds in texas. i think we should have stopped at the restaurant with a life size pink cow statue resting horizontally in a tall glass of ice cream with whip cream and chocolate syrup. the tank empty and behind us the sun is setting.