friday night was quite a night. playing mommy for all the drunk kids and making sure someone doesn't lose his gay virginity while he's passed out in the bathroom of the gay club on congress. (not that that's a bad thing, he looked so happy) handing glasses of water to boys and girl in between gyrating hip movements and rubbing of body parts on the floor where the lights spin and loop. thin shirts with colors, subtly striped blazers and soft wool caps. it was cold outside and i kept him awake talking about his drinking and the influence of ethynol on the body as told by our shared biology teacher. he'd talk and then disappear into a state of slumber while i rubbed his back.
and when we get back, my tire is flat. a three am jack. johnny fixed it in five minutes once we had everything together. four lug nuts twisted on and one flat tire in the trunk.
i hit the sack at five am.
i'm copying songs into a folder. piebald - we cannot read poetry. the smiths - asleep. hot hot heat - this town. john lennon - oh yoko. of montreal - spoonful of sugar. etc etc.