i think i'm going nuts in between thoughts of me on the brink of having a stroke.
i like the parties where the kids drink and try to break dance on a wooden floor. but they just look stupid and funny. the jewish boys dancing to devo like the eighties never left and everyone taking turns to lapdance a poor chair. it was cold outside. we took to the movement to warm up. looking like royal dumb asses tends to do that. red and white wine on the table and a fire in the back yard.
i drove up to see stink in san antonio. we held hands through sleepy hollow and the simpsons and then she made me tortellini. i've got that girl whipped. orgy lovin' cracked out asian girl roommates are funny to talk about. i think i'm going to take up the habit of carrying around a water gun tucked in to the back of my jeans.
during the renaissance, artists were interested in depicting different moments in the annunciation...
tim harrington is and always will be my secret lover. his soft bald head dripping with sweat and his tiny blue undies. man does he look good with a purse. overall rawkus affair in which brian got drunk, natasha humped the porkchop, aaron stared in awe, johnny moshed through his clothes, stank made scary faces when trying to get out of the pit and we all sang praises to jesus for les savy fav.
i hold onto people b/c i know they're there.