weekend = outrageous.
i never knew bowling could be so fun. balls glowing flourescent pink and purple or hot orange and yellow under the black lights. and i pony pranced up and down the stretch so i could throw another gutter ball. my bowling balls make thud sounds when they hit the runway. i guess it's not a runway. and i almost fell over once but i didn't so i sat in people's laps and danced poorly to eminem and old no doubt.
christa's band, arkay, played at emo's on friday night. we sat on the pool table and the pretty music surrounded us. brian grabbed a twelve year old's ass for the promise of a dollar that he didn't get in the end. shel executed robot moves, face removals and cock to hot dog transformation that would make your grandmother jealous. i've got rad new friends that steal kishka and want to see dj filthy rich at the forum. i tied my sweatshirt around my chest.christa hit on me and i told her i wasn't in to beastiality.
we got to the party and the kids were already drunk. the camera crew came along. mikey was flowing and ben was beat boxing and a kid ran in and started screaming, "fuck the media!". but we just laughed.
i wish that girl was there to see it. it's one thing to be coy about listening in on someone's conversation but it's another to blatantly stare at the people you're eavesdropping on. in a word: nuts.
i stay over at brian's when i can't sleep.
cristina and i cuddled last night after climbing into bed at three am. a night full of nutty emo kids, pointed pony toes and tortillas.
today we climbed into natalie's car and drove to the yart sale in east austin. yard/art. the kiddo's look disheveled but we liked their pretty faces.. pretty dripping paint pictures on canvas and cardboard. screen prints on paper and micheal jacksons on christmas ornaments. i stole stinky's money for a black shirt with a cassette screenprinted on the chest, (it says sweet sounds and hello), a devo ep on vinyl and a rolling stones double lp. side two of record one has mother's little helper on it. you know you like that song. i remember my mom once explained that song to me. she explains a lot of things to me. i'm a psychologist's daughter.
the sun is pretty outside. i want to disappear to a beach in california and lay in the sand looking up at the sky and the passing clouds.
it's getting colder. flannel sheets are soft and fuzzy.