from me and mr. harrington. merry christmas, y'all.
i find myself driving between destinations after midnight on christmas eve, singing along to belle and sebastian and sondre lerche. pirate pajama pants barely cover my cold legs and i am covered in an oversized wool coat. the highway is empty and i share my voice range with nico. tomorrow we will get on a plane and fly to a foreign country but right now, right now i am resting in bed under flannel sheets and a gray blanket with triangles. i'm supposed to go to sleep so santa can come and leave our gifts under the tree and because my dad will get here at nine am. your voice is beside me in a blue telephone and you are far away. the heater is on and the dog is snoring while i read him selections from frog and toad are friends (the lost button) and frog and toad all year (christmas eve). it's nice to hear his voice. and i hate that people tell me we're joined at the hip.
we all spun under the lights and i keep my eyes forward so that someone else can look up and see the swirls of colors and we won't fall over on top of each other quite as quickly as the average couple spinning. ben did a good job this year and it was brian's first. alison and i struck regal pony poses and placed our hands to our heads like antlers. natalie ate a funnel cake while johnny stole some and anthony drank hot cider.
gabe got back to his texan roots, coming back to austin with newly acquired cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a suede leather shirt.
we spend the night together every night and we snuggle under the covers.
little girls named laura are precious when they are on your side helping you destroy their brother.
ben is being overcome by alter-ego marcel witha hot and sexy rendition of mr. grinch. i wouldn't touch you with a thirty nine and a half foot pole. well maybe i would, if i had a little zima in me.
we've spent nights dancing . one at boyz cellar.
aww shucks, pop. you are the beauty to my beast.
there are tins full of cookies and daddy took us out to eat. he let me order lobster spaghetti. and got excited about the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that my sister ordered.
fart when you are unaware your daughter is about to leave a message for a friend and it may become apparent that your gas problems and sassy comments afterwards are now upon a stranger's voice box. we giggled about that until our eyes teared up.
i want to kiss brian a lot.
maybe i'm not the genius of the bunch. three b's and an a. but i liked it. i've got toy babies, what do you have?
freee your mind like en vogue said.
i might get to do winter things if i go to albuquerque...with snow and stuff.
i will be back on the thirtieth at a five pm that will seem like an eleven pm. i got my first passport.



snow is our friend


i wrote a letter:
gre: good or bad?
love love love
umm write me right now.
candy pants
bubble gum
ramen noodles in styrofoam cups
then you go buy them
never met a girl like you
and tired of waiting for you
they start the same
the tempo is different though
i am listening to the pretty quasi song it's hard to turn me on. it is pretty.


i wish i had better things to do. i cleaned out my art lockers and made lists of things to accomplish. but other than that i watched movies with gabers and did nothing. i liked it. natalie told us she had no wisdom teeth and if she did they were really small. i told her that would explain her current state of stupidity.
two things that made me happy tonight:
mr wiggles
greenkiss: jesus told me he has a crush on you
BalladOfBigNo: hahahah what?
greenkiss: jesus, in english class
greenkiss: he passed me a note
greenkiss: and it was asking about you
BalladOfBigNo: HOT
greenkiss: and he wanted to know if you had a date to the winter wonderblast dance
greenkiss: and i told him i didn't think so but that moses wanted to ask you so he better get a move on


mishka2786: i'm like, PEEEEEACE
on thanksgiving day, my mom was like "it's a beautiful day! let's go for a walk!" so my sister and i and brian and my mom and i all wonder down on a trail on zilker park until we find a little spot that is on the creek. my sister starts wading in and as the cruel older sister i am, i start throwing rocks in the water at her to make splashes. i've been enjoying this for awhile and all of a sudden this huge rock comes flying past my head and splashes me good when it hits the water. my mom threw the rock at me! and then she continued throwing rocks. and by the time we left, i was wetter than i had intended my sister to be. talk about getting carried away.
thejohnnysays: i cant leave the house after 9 on a school night
greenkiss: umm
greenkiss: challenge that shit
thejohnnysays: ive tried before
thejohnnysays: plus my parents are annoyed with me cuz i never flush the toilet
i mixed my paint on a plate. acrylic with water. different shades of yellow dripping down the canvas over two airplanes.
cristina's blue bats and xeroxed squares flip down towards me as kevin hauser looks cute and art faggy.
i am french sailor.
the gallery lombardi accepted our mixed media pieces. they will hang on the wall with price tags during december. i would have given it to gabe had they not taken it.
i just like to snuggle up with him and listen to stories.
all the ornaments were hung on the tree and the egg nog has been poured into glasses.
school ends friday.