i don't want to be in design right now. i want to be drawing dracula.
and somehow i got into the habit of going to the grocery store three times a week with nick. three bucks here and nine bucks later. i think i'm wasting lots of money.
i should save it for vienna in may. or i won't be able to get awesome shit.
in search for a tag name.
team dracula awesome for life.
team awesome on kvrx saturday one to three am. get yo' party on.
follow the maze to my heart. awwwwwww.
hearts and unicorn are my life.
i saw some unicorns doing it on the internet. and i got so hot.
dear regret
you are a good song
i like saint simon by the shins. and it is cold outside.
i drink.
i work.
and i snuggle with nick.


i had cinnamon toast waffles and chocolate milk for breakfast.
so jh.
looks like i'm going to vienna in may.


the OGBFU: alright, you ready nigga?
greenkiss: hahahahaha
greenkiss: sure
greenkiss: you up i thinks
the OGBFU: first i'm kick this flow by pointin out that you a ho
greenkiss: damn straight bitch ain't knowin nobody that wouldn't tap this shit
the OGBFU: but keep your legs up in the air and tell me which way the wind blows
greenkiss: i ain't gonna lie the last time i was with you you were up in these thighs
the OGBFU: you're damn straight mama but be careful because
greenkiss: who wants the pussy it's you mother fucker, but you know you couldn't get me
the OGBFU: i been in so many women they were like what that was
greenkiss: you got the clap and gonorrhea, shit thinkin about it gives me diarrhea
greenkiss: you nasty, you little slut
the OGBFU: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
greenkiss: remember that time we did it up the butt
the OGBFU: in that dumpster in the alley
greenkiss: hahahahaha
the OGBFU: with your mom and kirsty alley
the OGBFU: hahaha
greenkiss: fuck you bitch, you watch cheers and you boast
greenkiss: shows so old
greenkiss: it's out in the cold
greenkiss: just like you and your dick
greenkiss: get real and find it somewhere to stick
the OGBFU: look chick you make me sick - with your weak ass rhymes
the OGBFU: shit you don't know the time
greenkiss: waek ass rhymes, i run circles round you all the times
greenkiss: hahaha
the OGBFU: hahahaha
greenkiss: man tyler i don't know about you but umm ithink we rule
the OGBFU: like morris day you say oh-wee-oh-wee-oh when i come in the room
the OGBFU: haha, yeah we do
the OGBFU: be my boyfriend KELLYZZZ
greenkiss: okz
greenkiss: you a hot woman
i'm not going to lie. i'm wearing the same socks i wore yesterday.
i like when oeuf sleeps next to me.
and i've been flowing to myself thanks to freestyle, the flick we watched last night. i know i can't beat box.
but whatevz.
it's fun rhyming with pussy.

ex. 1
you ain't too busy to lick this pussy.
cuz then you ain't gonna stick your dick in me.

ex. 2
rah rah rah
tyler wears a bra
damn straight asshole
i could stick him with my pole

ex. 3
send it my way
or hit the fuckin highway
cauz i ain't got the patience
for this little baby shit

b/x we all know raps about doin it are the best, right?

i won't front like i'm good or anything, but it's funny.

we've been aim battling. haha. bring back the fuckin cypher.
i had a dream i was cindy brady. and i ate a ton of snickerdoodle cookies while hiding from bad guys.
i also had a dream in which alison was best buds with laura bush. and we were going to see george bush speak. but the odd part was that it was a nude conference and i totally saw laura's titties.
slipped back in to yesterday's clothing. my hair is so unwashed it looks ok. my coffee's grown cold in the course of the afternoon.
the application sent off and the hope's high.


i am eating olives and they are delicious like the picnic i went on yesterday.
i looked at a picture book and wanted to steal it. i even found the secret magnetic strip. so i could have.
circle of death (c.o.d.) and truth or dare (t.o.d.) at charlez's. the deck : nudie. the games: hilarious.


shawarmas in the park on damp rocks in front of the water at zilker park.
the ducks swam in the cold while the sun started to slip out of the clouds.
washing your hands in the water. and your clothes match the gray sky.
it's easy to talk.
and it looks like we're crapping in the photobooth picture third from the top.
soft fuzzy sweater and sharing pizza in the dark at alamo.
elf metal max and where teh wild things are.
i played uber fag hag and went on a date with the gayz and ate fish tacos. delicious fish tacos.
and my mom and i got fajitas yesterday. and i decided she's ok.


new year new year
my hands and feet are cold and my hair is wet.
ruffles on my skivvies.
under the down comforter and watching flicks.
city of lost children.
we played musical hide and seek.
and missed the short lived bonfire.
toking up smells bad.
my legs are warm.
did you hear me sing to modest mouse?
fancy feast's emo's debut was fabulous and dance-ilicious. as was kevin hauser.
i like when water is free.
i am sad i choose what i did.
time heals all wounds.
i read an article in which there was a discussion of mapping the human brain like the mapping of the human genome. the odds of certain behaviors, quality of functions and emotional well-being could be connected to the percentage of occurences in humans with similar brain shape and size.
i like biology.