mishka on the futurists:

yeah, they were really homo
they just wanted to hang out with cars and penises

the futurists basically helped start the fascist movement in italy
cause they loved war so much
except they were just a bunch of gay weenies

this was the same group that brought you such awesome lines as:

thus a running horse has not four legs, but twenty, and their movements are triangular.
...it was violent and cynical cry which displaye dour vulgarity, for academic and pedantic mediocrity, ofor the fanatical worship of all that is old and worm-eaten.
as soon as ever this result has been obtained, it will be readily admitted that borwn tints have never coursed beneath our skin; it will be desicovered that yellow shines forth in our flesh, that red blazes, and that green, blue and violet dance upon it with untold charms, voluptuous and charming.
we demand, for ten years, the total suppression of the nude in painting.

madman = title of honor


i <3 hob nobs and nicholas gustafson!
eating banana yogurt with a serving spoon b/c someone hasn't done her guests dishes for going on three weeks now.


my room feels much prettier now.
though the items that do so are contradicting, one remniscent of past and one representing the present and possible future.
lilies, a rose, irises, a couple tulips arranged in tupperware.
and a paper crane mobile softly shifting.


it's raining outside and i am hot and many paper cranes move in the wind.
the rain slaps the ground and i can only see it fall in streaks outside the open window.
pale light and shadows.
laying on the bed, sheets tangled in a knot at the bottom (laundry today), eating purple pringles and watching concetric circles form and dissipate in puddles on the concrete.


momz (aka veronica) and i totally went shopping all day. and ate sandwiches at her parents. and then me, momz and carolina sang karaoke in the car.
i am totawy cwaving those widdle candy heawts wif da messages.
ben is assacretastic.
tyler is way cute.
i am totally gay. and by that, i mean totally gay ruled last ngiht so much in fact that i felt compelled to join in.
yay for performance art.
i met harry tonight. he's a cute baby. he has soft skin and cute fluffy hair. but, i had to change his diaper. even then, he was way cuddly and i wished he didn't have to go to bed so i could play with him.
barbeques are awesome. esp ones with funny people and fires and pumpkin empanadas and hot guy named littleman.
pink skirt, yellow eagle hat and gray tee. who's got the thrift awesome?
i hate bringing this drama into my own journal, b/c frankly i hear about it more than i should considering my current state with certain people. i'm not choosing sides... i see both partly b/c i'm not so involved. but nonetheless:

a statement:

totally wreck was founded as a joke, not an exclusive art group.

johnny, ben and mike still totally support and love you guys.

and why wouldn't ben want to support his other friends. i think it's awesome that he asked dylan. that's how it happened with cari too...and natalie, and tyler (who was on the lineup and totally part of totally wreck if it was considered a real group), and alison with nihil mali, and dan.

the group needs to expand. more ideas and all that shit.

and i can see how you're frusterated. b/c i went to highschool with all the kids that are in those bands.

but they're supporting ben, and last night, it was way frusterating that you guys weren't there.

it was one of ben's best performances to date. and totally gay was amazing.

but it doesn't seem right to ask for an exclusive audience, to deny kids who like music. we were in highschool once, duhzz, and we went to shows all the time. bringing all those kids in expands the listening group.

at least you're in the picture
i've been in quote the fam unquote for a long time
and that shit hurts me a lot, when i dwell on it.
but you guys are friends.
resolve it, rather than make it a behind the back issue.

i love you


it was windy today. i could feel it puching me down the sidewalk.
if i got hit by a car, would the sky grow bluer? would the cloud grow and grow and cover the sky and me?
i was listening to air. i <3 run.


it snowed this weekend. small wet delicate snowflakes melting on my cheek and sticking to my hair. it's after midnight and i'm coming home to you.
why is it that after choosing to miss a drunken night of debauchery i still manage to feel out of place?
when it rains, the water drips down an invisible path from cover to ground. i like when it smears in my window and spatters on the roof.
i miss the train tracks.
new york, mexico, and spain are all places i'd rather be.
tina is moving out. should i be thinking thank god or just realize that now i won't have a central place of meeting for everyone else?
fancy feast played to a crowd of middle aged bellydancing lovers. we just danced as usual.
inside the cavern, it was cool and dark. the rock felt hard underneath my feet and water dripped in echoes in a sight unseen. we had fun in the anti-gravity room.
and i want a tail-less cat when i grow up. they look like little bears.
pancakes with syrup and butter for breakfast.
modernism in art, design and architecture.
i've been thinking more.
i'm lucky to have a pen around me more often.
chlorine smells good and warm.
no more sugar in my coffee.
i need to learn some german and refresh my french.
pictures of cows in the cold saturday morning.
oeuf curls up at my knees and is soft and fuzzy.
at least i don't wear pink all the time.
why does it always rain on me has always been a good song.
brie and bread and basil sandwiches. horizon milk. toffee yummies. and a pint of water.
i kind of wanted a flower for valentine's day.
h.e.b. is my new love.
mom and i made banana bread together at her house and watched a pbs special about artists in the 21st century.
dear maya lin
you are awesome
dear sally mann
you were my catalyst for photography. when i was little and saw your photos, i wanted to say something to the world.
a man sat down with me last friday and talked to me about the world and we shot the shit.
i'm doing something that makes me happy.
reading middlesex is relaxing and engrossing.
please, for my b-day, the david sedaris box set.
honey, velvet underground, wilco and tea seeping in my little cup.
i like hiding under the comforter and pretending it's a secret cave.


greenkiss: yo bitch write my paper
mishka2786: yo no
greenkiss: how about yeah
greenkiss: you know about architecture
greenkiss: and shits
mishka2786: oh right
greenkiss: it's about the crystal palace
mishka2786: what do you need to know?
mishka2786: oh
mishka2786: its like, important and shit
i want a donut and i went to the zoo.
at the zoo a monkey threw food at me and nick, i saw a huge tiger, a bird danced for me and another monkey beat his tummy. nickers took me to get indian food before and i ate until my tummy was full and still had rice pudding twice.
school is making my head dumb, and when i wake up i'm disoriented and tired adn want to stay next to nick instead of getting ready for the next ten hours or so.
ouef cuddles up next to my back. his fur is soft and his tail is swishy.
pwease pwease pwetty pwease fwee bwownies.