i hate bringing this drama into my own journal, b/c frankly i hear about it more than i should considering my current state with certain people. i'm not choosing sides... i see both partly b/c i'm not so involved. but nonetheless:

a statement:

totally wreck was founded as a joke, not an exclusive art group.

johnny, ben and mike still totally support and love you guys.

and why wouldn't ben want to support his other friends. i think it's awesome that he asked dylan. that's how it happened with cari too...and natalie, and tyler (who was on the lineup and totally part of totally wreck if it was considered a real group), and alison with nihil mali, and dan.

the group needs to expand. more ideas and all that shit.

and i can see how you're frusterated. b/c i went to highschool with all the kids that are in those bands.

but they're supporting ben, and last night, it was way frusterating that you guys weren't there.

it was one of ben's best performances to date. and totally gay was amazing.

but it doesn't seem right to ask for an exclusive audience, to deny kids who like music. we were in highschool once, duhzz, and we went to shows all the time. bringing all those kids in expands the listening group.

at least you're in the picture
i've been in quote the fam unquote for a long time
and that shit hurts me a lot, when i dwell on it.
but you guys are friends.
resolve it, rather than make it a behind the back issue.

i love you