dear austria, hot pink, peach wine, new girls, new skirt, graffiti, german class, walking, art, gettin´ smart, new phoenix, new ash, ma pitom´s, vienna philharmonic, kaiser franz joseph one, dancing, u-bahn, egon, pom-bärs, opera, ice cream every day, gotv, bbc, glucose spike, white sunglasses, phone cards and being away from home,
what´s up.


dear natalie
i wish you were online.
last night we all went out for mexican food with tuan and amanda and ordered at least three fish taco plates that i am aware of. then we ended up at this dive bar called the poodle dog lounge where multiple games of pool ensued. tuan bought me a lonestar and told me about how he had long hair in highschool and hated d&d. and i was all like, right on. elana is funny and rick and caren are the pool mastahz.
i am leaving in six days.
madre padre mire.
joyce, ben, tuan and i broke that law and wheatpasted all these posters up around town. i glued, they posted. my arms looked diseased and there are glue flakes in my car.
somehow, miguel tricked us into a double date at the rollerskating rink.
i got my first pair of high heels.

things that inspire me:
baby ducks
low light settings
the sun
pink the color
english tea
cupcakes w/ frosting and sprinkles
the ocean

while cleaning out my room, i kept stumbling upon all these old cards and drawings and random shit. the kittens in a bikini top postcard matt sent me from costa rica, my name grafittied by benji, some shitty mix cd tina made for me in h-school, posters from the dorm, recipes cut out and folded, photobooth pictures for the summer after highschool. it wasn't even nostalgic, it was depressing. i feel stuck in some sort of fucked up game where all my answers are wrong. in a lot of ways i feel totally incapable of maintaining friendships. and i keep thinking that when i get back, everything will have changed. again.

twice within five years.

maybe next year will be different.

on the plus side, i found ten rolls of film in my room. i can at least immerse myself in that task while i'm gone.

i think my sister and i are flipping personas.


i've been trying to justify dropping forty on a tank and a sweater. it hasn't happened. other than the fact that they make me look so good. at least i'm clocking some extra hours at the lab next week.
dear lonestar neon sign
we've got a future home for you.
kelly and nick
dear veronica
you were way hilarious yesterday.
'ritas, in the pool with clothes on and a handful of tuan dollars. droppin' it in front of prof. dan olsen. cinco de mayo, my love. i heart tubs of nacho cheese and pineapple juice and mexican cookies. my little horse pinata.
lincoln was way tall.
tuan has mad photo album skills.
i need to start packing up the apartment.
countdown to leaving the country: two weeks minus a day.
i'm way nervous.
must buy fifty films and establish some "stylish night clothes" that were requested for the trip.
i still want bamboo curtains.


i saw a baby duck yesterday. he was so cute an swimming around. i made up songs about him.
nickers and i tried to canoe. but we couldn't get it to go straight...but that was ok. it was nice to float on the water and look at the trees and the bridges all aligned. chicken sandwiches and snow cones. dulce de leche, horchata, cherry and soda. with cream. i like to watch the ducks on the water and hear the geese honk.