i've been trying to justify dropping forty on a tank and a sweater. it hasn't happened. other than the fact that they make me look so good. at least i'm clocking some extra hours at the lab next week.
dear lonestar neon sign
we've got a future home for you.
kelly and nick
dear veronica
you were way hilarious yesterday.
'ritas, in the pool with clothes on and a handful of tuan dollars. droppin' it in front of prof. dan olsen. cinco de mayo, my love. i heart tubs of nacho cheese and pineapple juice and mexican cookies. my little horse pinata.
lincoln was way tall.
tuan has mad photo album skills.
i need to start packing up the apartment.
countdown to leaving the country: two weeks minus a day.
i'm way nervous.
must buy fifty films and establish some "stylish night clothes" that were requested for the trip.
i still want bamboo curtains.