the small silhouettes of all things living. a caterpillar rhythmically move across the worn sheet i've set my books upon. the magazine pages flicker in the spring breeze (zephyr) with a sound like the wave of friction the leaves make all around me. colored photographs with white borders and scratchily written words.
our photobooth pictures on the wall above my bed.
silver gray and pale slate blue. winter colors. i am jealous of their form in this slinky fabric that slips between my fingers and looks lovely with my jeans.
the fluff from the shrug i wore last night is still on my shoulders, but the wine has long since faded. last night was art night. pretentious night. yep. little sandwiches and a plate of pineapple and peanut butter cookies, followed by merlot and organic fruit juice and feta cheese, artichoke and olives and all wrapped up nicely with goat cheese bruschetta, curry chicken salad on pita, small chocolate mousse and mini cheeseburgers. which, admittedly, made me rather excited to the point of calling everyone i had seen at the previous openings to sing praises of my delicious mini cheeseburger find. straight ink lines drawn in intricate detail, the stubbornly screenprinted ink, small painted canvases and letters on plastic.
we won paint sets at the blanton, stood under the single air vent shooting the shit with tuan at the crl and danced not so surreptiously to phoenix at lombardi.
picnicpicnic was wonderful last weekend. belaire is so perfect and pretty. and i know i mentioned it before...but it was so good it makes me feel so warm inside.
npr advised me to find other internship opportunities which means i see the patter of kid feet in my future. and if not that i don't know. perhaps i'll frequent tryst and read more. it felt sort of all planned out, but i suppose, now that it's not.
oh well.