the show was amazing last night. good family fun in the mosh pit while taking pictures (i'll probably post them later) and be whooped around by nasty guys. at least i have stories to tell afterwards. I live for that sweaty music togetherness, feels like love when everyone around you is singing to the lyrics of something we all have in common. i found him last night. i hate all the awkwardness and "rules" of a budding relationship. i can't call him and be all, "dude let's hang out more b/c i'm really interested in you" b/c it might weird him out. i think he may be interested in me but how much is too much when trying to start something. i got his cell phone number last night (whooo insert girlyness here)!!! which you know means i can catch him on the go if i really wanted to. him, by the way, is grant. as my friend ben said yesterday, "he likes weezer and plays baseball, what else do you need to know?" it's true though, those are highly enjoyed traits, those and the fact he looked fucking gorgeous last night in a light blue shirt that highlighted his eyes. but really, i can sense there is something special about him and i hope i get a chance to find out what it is.
I went boy crazy this year. everything got to the point where i said no to a relationship in pursuit of others. i am mistress pimptress this year minus the action. but seriously if you asked me now, i'd give it up for an oppurtunity with grant. geezus (nonreligious style) i'm such a girl romantic. waaahhhhhh now would be one of the times i go outside and yell at the top of my lungs which i still haven't experienced. it's all about those american teenage experiences.
coffee houses are good for discovering yourself.
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