i keep getting hit on and it's beginning to get a little creepy:
incident one: walking to emo's on 6th
"don't take this the wrong way...but those legs just keep going and going and going."
incident two: at seven eleven while wearing my shirt that has a silouetted girl between a camaro and firebird, "nicely placed" if that gets the hint across
"those are some fine automobiles."
"oh umm, thanks."
(turns to other clerk)"i think those are pontiacs."
"yeah, so do i."
so now because of that, my nickname is pontiac.
i ate donuts at mojos yesterday reading the personals ads outloud in my sex voice. ben nearly had a heart attack. our new excitement is pretending to be a horny couple when we're stuck in traffic or in my car while in front of his house late at night for the enjoyment factors of passing cars. yesterday some guy slowed down waaay past the speed limit while i was busy during barry white. damn. hahahahaha.
currently spinning: the vandals: too much drama