it's been raining and raining and raining...think winnie the pooh type rain. although the skies are cloudy and the sun rarely peeks out from behind its blanket of fluff, it is nice to be outside in something different. somethings seem to come easier when the weather plays like this.
the power went out at my dad's on sunday night...when the storms that had been brewing finally struck the earth with all hydraulic and electric force. we cracked open the door as the floor became a puddle...but we had the outdoors to light the indoors. amusement by candlelight:
there is no bird like the pelican
his mouth holds more food than his belly can
the fish in his beak
last more than a week
and i don't know how the hell he can
my dad told me that and i giggled for a long time...maybe it was the staticy air outside or having too much sleep and still being tired or just the fact that it's pretty damn funny.
massy and i went for hot soup during lunch. it's cool how many new things you can learn about a new person when you just listen to them talk. and that all leads to something new. even though the senior loner side of me thinks i don't need to make new friends before college, that'll be hard to pull off.
i walk into that class excited and leave even more excited...their faces all so friendly and new. and over time they'll become familiar. hey, they dug the eighties sunglasses i wore with my devo shirt.
benji and i went exploring in h.e.b. for a fouf. and we found one. sadly it didn't match his store made mullet. luck is with that boy...
oh, and my photo teacher praised my photos! it meant a lot to have my teacher say i was good at what i do.
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