my my what a weekend of crazy shenanigans.
sara and stink and i got hardcore and went to see candiria. we punched with brass knuckles. a man came up to talk to us and it was weird because he just stared at us and the said this is how it happens in the movies. what does? murder? rape? only bad things happen in movies when situations like that arise. shady. the bassist looked as if he were having an orgasm while he was playing and impression to stink sent her straight to the bathroom. and the kids in the pits with ecstatic mosh faces were funny to watch. especially the kid windmilling.
two men walked by covered in foam and tried to wash my car.
we drove to waco. her laundry bag used as a pillow as the signs and cars were passed. lunch at a dive called vazquez diner just off the interstate...but the food was good. we sang along to bright eyes and weezer and nada surf. inside the house we spoke of grasshoppers and spiders and killer bees, followed by a nice talk about perverts at baylor and how much corn austin ate. waco is stuck in the sixties. the buildings retro and decrepit.
stink and i examined the eyes of tammy faye. interesting. that's all i'll say.