bodies moving and stretching. on cycle or bench pressing. i've been here three days. i wear jeans to class and carry a card to get into places. and we kick back on my bed to watch movies. benny and i shared a chocolate moo'd at jamba juice and commented on faces that get prettier when someone smiles. anthony walked past our outdoors table and talked with us for a bit. it's been awhile. chocolate banana shake and french fries from the cafeteria. gabe and i constantly rag on each other and tash makes faces at me in three dimensional design. we've got colored posters on the wall and blankets to keep us warm in the freezebox that is our room.
i spied out my window last night and watched a guy serenading a girl. voice and strummed chords drifting through the walls. i'm in bed reading some book edited by nick hornby. that lamp is on and the pillows are propped.
meet me at the clubouse. the camera crew is following us and filming our feet butchering dance dance. but it's all good. beck's new album makes me mush.
the university put on some orientation dealy for freshmen...so we can sing the fight song and watch a monsterous texas flag fly down the top of the building. oh i shed a tear...psyche.
my skin grows red hiking up asphalt hills.
everything is hung in the closet and folded into drawers.
i miss my ladies.
i eat sandwiches and krispy kremes.
the tables are carved into and covered in ink and paint that chips off under fingernails.