from last spring:
there is pastel matted into the fabric of my blue jeans. and the bed sheets are matted up into piles of gray faux ruffles. he might be leaving soon. on a plane. with boxes of clothes and cds. he might be leaving soon. i collaged patti smith onto paper. and politically oriented rap makes my hips move to the beat. fuck y’all, i’m from texas. drinking mixed drinks at a scenester party and reading choke from page one to page two ninety three. i am way cooler. earn $$ + free acrylic nails. the pictures from brussels reside on a table top somewhere in my parent’s house. you should see the pliars i drew. you should totally buy pure funk and funk it. i saw saturn, too. a little white circle with little white rings. little paper cranes in wallpaper patterns. we watched the seventies attempt to futurize in the andromeda strain.