i'm not going to lie. i'm wearing the same socks i wore yesterday.
i like when oeuf sleeps next to me.
and i've been flowing to myself thanks to freestyle, the flick we watched last night. i know i can't beat box.
but whatevz.
it's fun rhyming with pussy.

ex. 1
you ain't too busy to lick this pussy.
cuz then you ain't gonna stick your dick in me.

ex. 2
rah rah rah
tyler wears a bra
damn straight asshole
i could stick him with my pole

ex. 3
send it my way
or hit the fuckin highway
cauz i ain't got the patience
for this little baby shit

b/x we all know raps about doin it are the best, right?

i won't front like i'm good or anything, but it's funny.

we've been aim battling. haha. bring back the fuckin cypher.