today was pretty normal as far as school goes. didn't learn too much (willingly) unless of course the knowledge entered my brain when wasn't paying attention. am i the only one that finds my psych class highly interesting? people fall asleep a lot in that class. i semi sorta didn't mean to but did not acknowledge grant today. he probably thinks my panties are in a twist. they're not though. i did however, get one thing out of that. i discovered green day's nimrod is good fast problem avoidance music. i think i've made a bad habit out of driving fast when i'm upset. too much is getting me down and it's my fault.

"work like you don't need the money. dance like no one's watching. and love like you've never been hurt." -bathroom stall in ny

only 18 days till my birthday and i'll be able to get into rated r movies that i've been able to get into since i became a teenager. you just gotta look for the type of person that doesn't care. speaking of movies, i saw pecker over the weekend. damn good, two thumbs up. photography, brenden sexton III and edward furlong....aww yeah. edward furlong was amazing in american history x. probably the most moving movie i've ever seen. it left me crying in the dark.
i leave in 4 days for the beach with jessica. finally some time to catch up. i love camping on the beach. people always react weird when i tell them we sleep in tents on the beach. it fucking rocks! waking up to the morning sun and pounding surf. waves swimming in and out, erasing wishes we make in the sand late at night. self made campfires and sandcastles surrounded by small crabs darting in and out of hidden caves. bonding with my best friend late into the starlit nights. it's the only way.
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