it amazes me how clueless people are some times. "what does pompous mean?" i just came from my sat prep class and ooh, i'm at a seven ten verbal today. it's late and of course i'm working on some project i hadn't even started...look at me procrastinate more.
i hate to write about guys now b/c i do it everyday. i think i threw off the specialness factor. but here is a special one. sometimes when you enter highschool, people you knew start to ignore you in the halls. (hey, i did it too.) but not john. we didn't even know each other very well, but every time i see him i get a smile. a smile that means a lot to me. he's a sweetheart and someday i'll tell him. before he goes away.
"it seems it's been so long since we kissed through the night till it was dawn."
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