pretty pretty day. last night i saw momento at the dobie at like, 9:50. very very cool movie and guy pearce is hot. no seriously, it really makes you think. it's about this guy that has anterograde amnesia, where he has the inability to make short term memory, that's trying to find his wife's killer. intense and parts of it funny. stayed out late, eating ice cream and singing to the sound of music. yesterday was also the senior talent show. i'm all about the hot guys in bands.
i'm having a hard time with my mother's liberal mind set. her philosophy is that if i'm old enough to show interest in doing something, then i'm probably old enough to handle it and all she wants for me is to realize the consequences. i feel so adult and so ahead of other people. (that makes me sound bitchy.) it's just i get to do things my other friends can't and i want to share all this shit with them.
currently spinning: the pixies: where's my mind