wouldn't it be cool if people could teleport? i can sure as hell tell you that i would teleport all over the place. wheeeeeee!
tomorrow is my b-day. big seventeen. i wrote something for the occasion:
i am seventeen
i think
i will
go to an r movie
after curfew
consenting with an adult
in the back rows
aww yeah. who's the pimp shit? i went to bed last night at eight o'clock. it's so nice to wake up from eleven hours of sleep. there are some adults i wouldn't mind consenting with. god bless texas and the law that says seventeen year olds can consent with adults. not that i'll use it to my advantage anytime this year but it's the fact i have the right. do i sound ditzy or what?!
fun day. long conversations with cool people. it's a weezer day. a hip day.
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