it's absolutely amazing outside. perfect for speeding down the highway listening to "tangerine speedo" by caviar. i went outside during creative writing to write about why. why we write. i don't think i've ever been so in tune to my surroundings as i was only an hour ago. gorgeous, fucking gorgeous. the sun was shining. the grass was damp. i watched a small slick and shiny ant manuver it's way around a maze of thick green life, decompassing brown grass and soggy mahogany soil. something i've never seen before in my life, so up close and alive.
boys are beautiful...i'll never get over it. today a boy i've liked for awhile was wearing a dark navy shirt and it brought out his dark blue eyes. guys with dark hair look amazing in navy and maroon. i think i'm the only girl that realizes this crap. speaking of amazing guys...yesterday at whole foods with ali, i kept staring at this hot glam indie boy. spell h-o-t. boys in pink shirts are real men. especially if their name is topher. mmm hmm.
currently spinning: the police: don't stand so close to me