my eyes are droopy despite the the high caffeine content circulating my veins. whaaaa! you miss out on that sound b/c yeah, it's typed.doodoodoo whoa ok, tired plus caffeine loopyness does not work. i went for coffee with ben at 10 at this sweet ass coffee shop that always has hot guys. i feel real around this guy. crazy fun drawings of teachers, and psycho animals and signatures out the wazoo. i like it best when we're both teetering on the edge of insanity, bending over close to the table in fits of giggles, eyes inches away from each other. it's like instant comfort and bliss with benny. i really like that one instance when you figure out what about another person makes them bliss for you. speaking of ben's there's this f'ing hilarious freshman named ben that likes to shake his balls and dance in photo with me. aww yeah. life's a little sucky but i'm trying not to complain (lie lie!!! i'm the biggest whiner!)
"sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...sunshine on my shoulders makes me sad." are those the words? a john denver cd ad used to come on every morning before elementary school. my sister and i would laugh and laugh at the songs. "thank god i'm a country boy." right. good ol' me, making fun of things back in the day. I guess the sadder part is that i eventually memorized the order the songs came on in the ad. gosh...i do that all the time. I can still do it for a few 80's cd ads. don't even get me started. "touch me (touch me) all night long, never gonna give you up never gonna let you down, she's so fine there's no telling where the money went, is this love that i'm feeling, i wanna know what love is, i get weak when you're next to me, i need you tonight, you know you're gonna have to face it you're addicted to love" pathetic huh? i sing it for giggles now.
see this is the espresso kicking in.
books i want to read : naked lunch burroughs, great expectations dickens, something by vonnegut
i saw some fine ass today. bad ben influence.
currently spinning: three six mafia: ass and titties....turning into: travis: why does it always rain on me?