i wish i could make it all right. sometimes i wish i could change the world by helping just one person. but it's so hard.
turns out i'm still slightly sick, so instead of running this morning (i was all dressed for it and put my shoes on), i collapsed into our new rocking chair and stayed there. i only went out for a movie, ten things i hate about you, and some magazines, vanity fair (for the hollywood portfolio) and cosmopolitain (duh, for the smuttiness and tips to seduce my "man". well i can use it in the future). the porfolio was a let down, i think the music one was much better. i can be amazed and amused by those pictures for literally hours. god, i want to be a photographer. cosmo was entertaining as usual. i learned new sex moves, clothes to flaunt my assets and how to appeal to my man's sign. aww yeah. i need to get naked soon. i will, for bed. but anyway, two thumbs up to ten, b/c of julia stiles (she is so gorgeous!) and heath ledger(he is so hot! despite that ugly hair in the flick) and the whole love thing(awww). i'm in that lovey kick right now. someone should punch me for some of my chipper thoughts. it's late. sorry for all the parentheses.
sound: running water