i'm in the haze of the afternoon.
sun and water were the themes of yesterday. i spent the day at barton springs jumping into the freezing ice wall and lounging in the rays of heat. i swear, half the school was there yesterday. i saw phil and that made me happy. watching the boys play ultimate frisbee without shirts made me happy too. the sky was blue and the clouds were white and i sank into the grass on my faded beach towel in the 90 degree weather. conversations and gentle guitar song inducing me into drowsiness and forcing me to face that i'll never see some of these people again and that things aren't always going to turn out the way i want them too. i photographed what was left of the year, something frozen in time for me to remember. but it was beautiful, as all things can. and i try to see that.
the yearbooks came out yesterday, the first time they've come out before thet last day of schoolwhile i've been in high school. an oppurtunity for the serch of mullets and hilarious photos a la basham.
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