the pool is fun and now that i know he is working there...well expect some stereotypical girl swoons over lifeguard actions on my part. according to a trusted source, lifeguard's nervous body language means he might like me, too. i'm such a goof.
last night, ben and i approached a boy alone to play doodle with us. you know the old school game where one person draws a line or design and the other has to turn it into a picture. white octave (pretty indie boys) and arlo (with the raised eyebrow singer) and deathray davies(bitchin keyboard) were pretty darn cool at the river city high show (who think their the shit). rch put on an awesome mad crazy all over the place show which was entertaining.
i've got two permanent marker tattoo, one per arm, and dos equis, one per hand.
i think t.v. makes people immune to emotion. i'm trying to write about today and there's nothing. i've been ultra lounge all week b/c school is out and i too have temporarily checked out.
the shadow of the tree outside looks like a face. it's talking in the breeze with a jutting nose.
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