i am so bad at pool, i giggle just thinking about it. yesterday, billy and i teamed up to play against another pair. i really wanted to break so he was like, ok cool. first time...miss this triangle of balls...second time...miss the balls again...third time throw the cue at the triangle for a nice break. even after the first attempt, billy's rolling on the floor laughing. he's not any better though b/c he's a chronic cue popper. the cue ball landed off the table about four time average per game. sucking blow pops and laying on the table were key strategies. i flipped the stick over a few time to have more area to hit with. every time team billykelly missed, we covered by saying, oh yeah, we're just setting up for the ultimate win. right...
being bad at something that someone else is bad at too is a good way to bond. we laugh till the point of freedom.
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