it all seems to be going by so quickly and the more rushed i feel the sooner i feel i need to make decisions. college is next year for fuck's sake. jesus...and i have to start making decisions about it now. to say i feel required to think about "my life" is an understatement but i still have the ability to pretend it's not happening.
last night's theme of donuts and clockwork orange suited me just fine. how can you pass up forty cent donuts? stellar. the movie...hmm the movie. first time i saw it. so i guess i was in limbo between nausea, absolute hilarity, and deep thought. is it just me or is alex cute for a psycho? jesus...it's that kind of thought that's going to get me into to trouble later on. i can't sit normally at the movies, i'm always curled up in my chair or my knees are pulled up my face. sitting normal just is not comfortable.
i wish i could say more but it all seems to be lost in the blur of life if i don't sit down to think it over.