daddy and i braved the cold and wet as i ran and he ambled to his truck. drive down the drag to kerbey lane cafe because it's too late to go to many restaurants unless they are open twenty-four hours. i ordered a baked potato omelette. yummy in my tummy. (i think ben's excessive eating habit is getting to me.) with fruit on the side. pineapple and cantelope and grapes and apples, sweet and summery in the first chill. our waiter wasn't very perceptive to empty plates. so i asked, "how do we go without the check?" and dad replied, "very discreetly..." i love how my dad and i don't really need to talk and we have a good time. he's funny and can sometimes be mean. but i inherited my bull-headedness from him so fighting is good when you want to butt heads. but we didn't leave discreetly. instead we paid and drove down guadelupe. a boy in fleece and khaki shorts shivers waiting for the walk sign to glow white. and the boys still battling it out on dance dance revolution. and the girl overlooking the street from the window of metro. it's cold but still alive.