my sister blends in with the grass today.
i want a little kid that i can take to outdoor jazz concerts and watch them dance. things will be perfect. certain things are a given. i feel like i've been busy as shite but probably not, really...right next to me there is a little pad of paper with the title "things to do". i can think of some people. summer weather is disappearing. the wind has a crispness to it that we haven't felt in a long time. and even though the leaves are still green and stand out in the drabness of the gray sky, soon they'll be brown and red and yellow and then they'll mold into the ground and soil. and winter gives me soemthing new to find beauty in. i feel like wearing my wooly hat and smiling with red cheeks. soon we'll be spinning under the christmas tree and filling our sopapillas up with honey. but right nowi look forward to pecan pie and the wishbone , so maybe my wish will come true. and i hope that all my applications will be filled out by next week so i can stop thinking about next year and just relax now. i'm so ready. the radio show rocked the casbah and we're starting to get nerdy as we brag about the awesome transitions between songs. i am the master. and you're a special boy b/c you ask me good questions and fill my head up with happy thoughts and answered questions. it'd be nice to see you everyday.